divorced idiots go here vvv

arcade ✿ 19 ✿ she/her

hiiii ... i draw and i write and i ran dailyplinius when it was alive... yeah thats it. i like to have fun on the internet. now you might ask....

neocities user Arcade. why isn't your neocities Arcade themed ?

and to that i say Mind ur own business.


things to know

  • FUB free, p/qrts are fine, i block freely
  • general dni. hindu nationalists + zionists + proship dni. i block/mute nsfw accounts (nothing against u tho i just don't wanna see it)
  • don't use my art as urself/kin, ask permission to repost
  • if i dont reply i probably didn't notice or forgot. i mute lots of my tweets as well
  • i talk about idv + pjsk leaks on main, for the most part i use pictures to mark it as 'sensitive content' and warn accordingly.